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Gillian McKeith Diet

The healthiest diet we know of, eating an abundance of food, easy to stick to and lose weight if you can just handle all the cooking.

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Gillian McKeith Diet Review

Visit Gillian McKeith Diet Service SiteThe Gillian McKeith Diet, made famous by the BBC America series You Are What You Eat, is the healthiest way we can imagine to lose weight. It's not easy at first, and can be pricey buying all the fresh fruit and vegetables, but this is much more than weight loss, it's about changing your lifestyle. There are undoubtedly easier and cheaper ways to lose weight but we highly recommend this one to anyone who wants to be healthy as well as thinner. You can't help but pick up good eating habits and tastes that can last a lifetime. The reviewers speak from personal experience, having followed it strictly for 3 months, and return to it each January as a post-Christmas detox.

The main requirement of the Gillian McKeith diet is time--you need to do a lot of cooking. You'll certainly learn a lot about cooking and fresh ingredients you may never have known existed. It really is a culinary adventure as well as a "diet."

You won't be hungry on this "diet"--you have three meals and three snacks every day. In fact, we found the sheer volume of food is huge and often turned down one or two of the daily snacks. Since so much of it is good fiber, you'll probably lose 6-10 pounds in the first week alone, though much of this is gunk which has been caked to the walls of your intestines (not water as in so many other diets' initial loss), and the loss slows down after that. However, if you follow the diet strictly and do the recommended exercise, you can match the large weight loss achieved in the TV series, easily 30+ pounds or more over three months, depending on your start weight and your normal eating habits.

You may or may not have watched the TV show, but we do recommend buying Gillian's basic diet book to get the scoop on how to follow this rather in-depth diet--this isn't one you can really wing it on. There are several other related books, but you can certainly get buy with just this one.


Menu: Well, it doesn't get healthier than this. The diet is very heavy on vegetables, with lots of fruit, nuts, seeds, grains (many of which you may never have even heard of), and a few servings of fish or sometimes chicken each week. It has practically no dairy or wheat products as well as many other processed staples of the modern diet. It also uses the principles of food combining such as in the Hay Diet. You may also learn a lot about your food tolerances and intolerances as well, which plague many people unknowingly.


Prices: Again, if you want to follow this diet on your own, simply buy the main book You Are What You Eat (which has a 1-week sample menu) which retails for $17, but can be purchased at Amazon for ~$11, though from experience we think you'll also want her Ultimate Health Plan book which has a 4-week plan, and if you really take the diet to heart and start customizing it for yourself, then add the her Cookbook if you intend to do this longer term. Note the seasonality of the fruits and vegetables in each of these diets though, as trying to do a summer fruit based plan in mid winter can be extremely costly!

But we do think it's worth spending a bit more on your diet for optimum health and weight loss, after all, you are what you eat...


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• Healthiest diet out there
• Adapt to healthy eating to keep slim for life
• Unparalleled variety

• Lots of cooking and prep time required
• Shopping is more expensive
• Weight loss may not be the quickest

Price: ~$11 for book

Philosophy: Healthy eating will result in weight loss without dieting

Menu: Extremely varied and healthy

Support: Book-based diet no support

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